Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crazy Bad For You Peanut Butter Bon Bons

These bon bons are so bad and yet so, so, so good. This is another party favorite (like the Chili, see below). You'll see why, soon. Don't have them around the house unless you have someone else to help you eat them. You'll thank yourself later.

-2 cups peanut butter
-1/2 cup canola oil
-3 cups puffed rice cereal (like Rice Krispies)
-1 lb (16oz) bag of powdered sugar
-3 11 oz bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips

How to:
-Melt the peanut butter and oil over medium heat in a medium-sized saucepan, stirring frequently.
-In a large bowl, combine rice cereal and powdered sugar.
-Poor peanut butter mix over the rice cereal and powdered sugar and stir until well combined.
-Make into 1 inch balls and refrigerate for about 2 hours.
-In a sauce pan, melt the ch0colate chips. Drop the peanut butter balls into the chocolate liquid and cover them.
-With a fork, remove bon bons and place them on a cookie sheet with wax paper. Lay them out to dry until the chocolate coating is hard.
-Eat! But not too many!

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