Monday, July 28, 2008

Chili Dogs!!

So Jon and I were watching PBS the other night and there was a food show that happened to be all about chili dogs. Having just worked all day and gone running, we were looking for a protein extravaganza and, thank you WFYI, we were inspired. I hope you will be, too.

What you need:
1. Veggie dogs. We prefer brats because they're bigger and can hold more of the good stuff.
2. Buns. The bread kind. Whatever you prefer will work.
3. 1 can of chili hot beans.
4. 1 package Lightlife Smart Ground (regular style)
5. Ingredients to make the nutritional yeast "cheese" sauce (explained in the post below)-this is optional.
6. Hot sauce, red pepper, salt-to taste

How to:
1. Prepare your veggie dogs however you might normally prepare hot dogs. We are lucky enough to be the proud owners of a George Foreman grill. You can boil them or brown them in a frying pan. Your call.
2. In a large sauce pan, add chili hot beans (keep the sauce in the can to add to the mixture), smart ground, and hot sauce, salt, and red pepper to taste. Make this as spicy as you want. Start out with a little spice and keep adding until you're satisfied.
3. In another smaller sauce pan, prepare nutritional yeast cheese sauce. Steps are spelled out in the post below.
4. When everything is warmed and thickened to your liking, follow the natural progression and slap all that good stuff on a bun.

I prefer to put so much chili and cheese sauce on the hot dog that not only can you not see it, you have the eat the whole thing with a fork. This meal is immensely satisfying and filling. Good enough to take to the ballpark.

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